What Made Michael Jackson So Special


In about 6 months we will commemorate 7 years since the death of our one and only King of Rock, Pop and Soul, Michael Jackson.

Do you remember how it was in the 80s and the 90s? There was no person on Earth, aged 4 to 94, not to be ecstatic about that man. Everywhere he went, packs of people of very different cultures would gather and try to have a glimpse of him. Old women in the remotest of countrysides would know his name and appreciate him, to the astonishment of everyone.

If you take a look at the 30 minute making of video of Thriller, you will see a group of youngsters gathered around the place where rehearsals and filming took place. They had glowing eyes and proudly improvised dance moves. Some found him sexy, others good, all incredibly talented.

And yes, Michael was on hell of a dancer. A complete showman. Since Thriller, there have been many other incredibly talented entertainers, maybe more so than Michael. But none has reached that unique status – being loved by almost all human kind.

So, his talent alone cannot explain why people loved him so much. Love is the right word to be used, his fans were like no other. For they were not regular fans -most of them did not identify with him, did not understand a word of his lyrics, never went to see him live or chase for pictures and autographs. They were nevertheless unbreakably in love with the man, at least until allegations of pedophilia were made. Why?

Maybe because he was a master of escapism, creating moments where you could lose yourself and float away from your worries. Maybe because Michael gave a little something to each and everyone of us that lingered with us through our daily life. Like a little spark of magic that told the kid inside of you “you can do it, whatever it is you need to do; you can be the best version of yourself; you can make a difference and change all that goes wrong in the world”. What a childish message! no wonder kids loved him.

You can repeat the experience even though he is dead – you can introduce a small child, let’s say 2 years old, to the music and videos of Michael Jackson. There is a good chance it will strongly react to it and you will see the same phenomenon again – sparkling eyes and being inspired to dance, to dream, to become bigger than nature.

We may not recognize it any more, but Michael Jackson has profoundly changed the lives of many people. Many have become artists thanks to his influence. Others have become workers, doctors, bank employees. Well, maybe no, not bank employees. But they all have been changed in some way, compelled to become the best and stay true to the child they once were. In this sense Michael Jackson was the biggest life coach of all times.

How did he influence you?