Day 4


Today, I am supposed to talk about people that thank me and why; if I discover that people thank me a lot for opening doors for them I probably should organize my career and new business around opening doors. Literally and not so literally…

People thank me for things they learn from me – life choices, health related decisions that I’ve made and make – and help improve their lives. A lot of them are about food and raising children, my two main concerns of the moment, but not only.
For example, one friend’s infant had an ongoing skin condition related to allergies (she’s a doctor). She started to give baths and showers to her child once a week. She started using only olive oil as a moisturizer. In no time the skin condition amended. This was a result of a talk we had where I explained to her that we tend to over-clean our kids (in France the standard advice given to moms is every two days starting from birth), that water and cleaning products, although labelled “kid friendly”, contain aggressive ingredients. To make it short, I told her that limiting what comes in contact with the skin will eventually let the skin heal.

Giving advice is not at all easy and comfortable for me:
– First of all, my advice can be bad and bad advice is worse than no advice at all.
– Second, the things that I explore and apply to my life and family appear strange and even threatening in other people’s eyes, even if they are close friends of mine.

Fear is actually the most common and normal reaction to novelty, to things that threaten habits, myths and values.

I have found that you can try to explain in the clearest of manners something to someone, that person will not SEE the point, the reality of the matter until they are READY, until they come to a point where

their mind and conscience and soul, all these things align like planets and create the perfect configuration so that they truly understand.

Try re-reading this last phrase while listening to Radiohead’s song Jigsaw Falling Into Place. Brilliant!

So, here it comes: I believe that my purpose in life is to OBSERVE AND UNDERSTAND, make sense of all that is out there and inside every one of us. My job is also based on this. But I think I can bring more to the world than what I bring in my job.

I can only help people who want to be helped. Open-minded people, hungry people in search of another kind of “food”. But I can only promise a dark journey, for the more you understand the less you fit in the world we created.

How many people are still ready to take the blue pill?
Would it be honest to earn money from this?

This is clearly not a blog for the masses. I guess I won’t be a billionaire 😉

Talking of blue pill…