Eating Local Can Lead to Death

One might say this is just a way for some farmers to promote the fruits they produce. One might say these peasants have a great sense of humor. One might say they were victims of a joke done by a clever advertiser with an even bigger sense of humor. One might find it hilarious and post it on 9gag.

But look closely at the clip below.

What do you see? You see a very rich land where everything grows with ease. For many reasons, the people living on it are poor. In fact, Moldova is the poorest region in Europe, on both sides of the border but especially in the ex-USSR half.

So, look closer. You see worn out people who have been blessed with a beautiful land. You see people who cannot buy themselves what they produce. You see people forced to watch their hard work go rotten because no one wants to buy their very cheap fruit.

You see despair.

Why? Is this the way it is supposed to be? Is there no market for them?

If you would like to have a bite in one of Moldova’s organic apples, wave your hands!